Aluminum-zinc Alloy Steel

This aluminum–zinc alloy steel ideally combines sacrificial corrosion protection and alkali resistance, which are the advantages of zinc, and good durability, thermal resistance, and acid resistance, which are the strong qualities of aluminum.
The plating layer is composed of 55% aluminum (Al), 43.4 % zinc (Zn), and 1.6% silicon (Si) in terms of weight and 80 % aluminum in terms of volume. This steel possesses the excellent properties of aluminum, and zinc’s sacrificial corrosion protection complements iron’s disadvantage, namely rusting. This product has the advantages of zinc and aluminum.

Product Types/Use


Roof, wall, garage, partition, fence, duct, prefabricated house, etc.


Agricultural pipe, pen, silo, etc.


Muffler, fuel tank, exhaust pipe, lower body of a truck, air cleaner cover, etc.

Industrial Container

Insulation and heat reserving cover, water heater, heat exchange, dryer, waste incinerator, washing machine, home appliance frame, etc.

Electric, Electronic, and Industrial Use

Microwave oven, stove, toaster, oven, refrigerator, vending machine, air conditioner, etc.

Application Cases